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PLACESPACE deals with the broadly understood design of 3D and 2D space.

We combine experience in graphic design, set design and design, architecture.

We arrange spaces anew, strictly sticking to conceptual assumptions.

We care about the compliance of projects with their substantive basis.

Depending on the needs we also have the support of architects and lighting specialists, technologists, contractors, specialists in mapping and multimedia animations, as well as substantive coordinators.

In addition to 3D space, we deal with graphic design in all areas, from identification, brands, logos, publications, lay-outs, websites, campaigns advertising, events, etc.

That’s what connects us and distinguishes it SPATIAL and LARGE, approach to designing both 2D and 3D.

Over ten years of experience in the field of design, it allows us a professional and contemporary approach to every even the smallest order.

We are sensitive to marketing needs our clients and we are happy to serve you with all advice and help.

A SOLID EXHIBITION project of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw gallery II.

The Middle Ages gallery VII.

Holocaust gallery II.

The Middle Ages We are part of the responsible project team for preparing the stage design of most galleries Museum.

During the lasting several months of cooperation in the NDI studio we’ve been working on everyone, even the smallest detail of this complex exhibition:

from the arrangement of subsequent interiors, through furniture and modern displays, to typography of content substantive exhibitions.

It is the largest museum of its kind in the world (with an exhibition area exceeding 4000 sq m). Slot Machine Online He talks about a thousand years of common, Polish-Jewish history, combining the traditional approach to exhibitions in a modern outlook (including an innovative approach to use of display cases) with the latest trends in museology (including multimedia news).

Due to confidentiality we present the materials used in press screenings.

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